Her medium is makeup, her canvas is you, and her philosophy, simple; to let your personality show through in a physical form. Nooshi has become one of the most talented freelance makeup artists in Los Angeles. In her five years of expertise, she has been able to capture each individual’s style and has placed her signature mark on each face. From dark and smoky to simple and classy, Nooshi is able to capture it all.

It started with a passion and grew into something exceptional. At a young age she experimented with makeup that sparked a natural talent in her and evolved to a creative technique and style. Her ambition led her to working with distinguished photographers, hair dressers and designers. She has used her skills on models, brides, for special occasions and even for a night out on the town. Whatever the event may be, Nooshi does not dissatisfy, she delivers the clients needs, beyond their expectations.

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Capturing the real beauty within, is an artform in itself.